Opera Software today released the Opera 11.10 browser. Now supporting more than 50 languages in total, the browser adds seven new languages: Afrikaans, Azerbaijani, Montenegrin, Malay, Tagalog, Thai and Uzbeck.

Codenamed "Barracuda", Opera 11.10 features improvements to two of Opera's most used features: Speed Dial and Opera Turbo.
By reducing the size of the webpage, the Opera Turbo feature in can boost browsing speeds by four times or more. In previous versions, this sometimes meant reducing the quality of images. Now, in the Opera 11.10 browser, overall image quality is improved
"The Opera Turbo feature is crucial for anyone who travels or just has a slow Internet connection," says Jan Standal, vice-president: desktop products at Opera Software. "By reducing the size of the page, we can make browsing so much faster. So whether you're at a crowded Starbucks in San Francisco or are using a 3G modem in Sri Lanka, Opera Turbo can give you a better browsing experience."
Speed Dial makes it easier and faster to access favourite sites, with the new browser giving users an unlimited number of dials to customise. New layout choices and an improved zoom slider in the configuration menu let users arrange Speed Dial to fit any monitor.
Opera 11.10 also includes easier plug-ins and more support for Web developers.