Web Africa has announced the launch of a new product to their offerings: Business Uncapped ADSL, aimed at SMEs and business users.

Web Africa’s new Business Uncapped offering has international bandwidth provisioned through SAT 3, with redundancy via SEACOM, to ensure business customers achieve high speeds on a reliable and stable connection. It has been competitively priced according to the industry standard.
“Web Africa Business Uncapped ADSL is intended for those who want the best possible performance from their ADSL line for their business. Furthermore, redundancy is par for the course with SAT3 bandwidth being primary and SEACOM bandwidth for failover. I believe this is going to be the top uncapped product available to Businesses in South Africa,” says Web Africa CEO, Matthew Tagg.
This makes Web Africa Business Uncapped a good choice for businesses who want to keep costs under control at a fixed rate, and go about their normal course of business at fast speed on a trustworthy connection.
“What also sets our product apart is our transparency, in terms of excessive usage and AUP rules clearly laid out in the online console with a graphical meter,” he adds.
Customers have a wide selection of line speeds along with the option to either purchase a data-only package, or a complete package, which includes ADSL line rental in the cost – at a discounted price from that of Telkom’s.