The Fibre Optic Association (FOA) will be hosting a free half-day seminar in Johannesburg on Monday, 9 May 2011. Consumers are invited to meet FOA President Jim Hayes, who will speak on the latest applications of fibre optics for communications and discuss new developments in components and applications.

The FOA, the international professional society of fibre optics, will be supported by sponsorship from leading local companies, Datanet Infrastructure Group and Triple Play Fibre Optic Solutions.
South Africa boasts the second largest FOA accredited fibre optic school world-wide. The school, run by Datanet and Triple Play, has qualified over 500 fibre optic technicians.
“The seminar will be an opportunity to see how fibre optics is being used around the world for traditional cabled telecoms systems, as well as allowing for the expansion of wireless systems. We will highlight how fibre allows computer networks to work at higher speeds with greater security, and how fibre is being used to make utilities more efficient,” says Hayes.
Joe Botha, co-owner of Triple Play, adds: “Top of the ‘to do list’ of local telecom service providers looking for long-term success in this competitive marketplace will be the deployment of open-access, optical fibre infrastructures, capable of supporting data transfer at super-fast speeds.”
This will allow service providers to offer both residential and business customers a wider range of service bundles – such as HDTV, broadband, IPTV and VoIP.
One of the major stumbling blocks to be overcome in South Africa is access to optic fibre telecommunication distribution points located in close proximity to every home or business premises, particularly for last-mile connections supporting voice, data and television services.
But crucially, it is an area presenting huge opportunities, particularly with new property developments (fibre-to-the-home or fibre-to-the-business) where provision for bundled services could be costed in as part of the overall project.
Companies and individuals involved in telecommunications, data networks, utilities, transportation, industrial automation or any field reliant upon communications should see the seminar as an opportunity to understand how fibre optics is driving communication technology expansion worldwide.