Opera Software, which yesterday launched its new Opera 11.10 browser, has issued a tongue-in-cheek statement regarding its advertising campaign around the launch.

“Opera Software joined the ranks of other web giants as the company unveiled the most expensive ad ever created by the company to promote the launch of the Opera 11.10 browser, which is now also available in Afrikaans,” the company states.
“Opera spared little expense to showcase a major overhaul in the speeds of the Opera Turbo compression feature, which makes web connections faster and forms the crowning achievement in the new version.”
Kei Grieg Toyomasu, director of marketing at Opera Software, comments: “In order to win, you have to spend. And, this time, we really did. We’re spending a fortune to make Opera a household name. We see our competitors doing million-dollar campaigning on TV and on billboards, and we’ve been so impressed that we decided to put budget into a little something ourselves.”
The statement goes on to detail the cost breakdown for a $8 517.26 “campaign” – a video that’s been posted on YouTube.
The costs include “some guys with a video camera – $3 000.00”, “trendy Swedish clothes – $1 500.00”, “tacos – $385.00” and “gasoline – $230.00”. Items listed also include flu shots, a parking ticket, deodorant, party hats and a disco ball.
“We risked a lot to share this campaign with the world,” says  Jan Standal, vice-president: desktop products at Opera Software. “We even got a parking ticket. But it’s all so we can play in the big leagues with the other fancy pants of the Web. We posted our video on YouTube, so you know it has to be good.”
“This is the Internet. And this is serious business,” adds Rolf Assev, chief strategy officer at Opera Software.