South African TouchBasePro has developed e-mail marketing solutions – which it claims are a world first – that can tell whether mailing list recipients have read an e-mail in-depth, simply skimmed or deleted it, and whether they have printed it or forwarded the mail to other people.

TouchBasePro’s powerful new e-mail campaign analytics can also determine where marketers’ current and potential customers are opening their mail.
“We provide clients with a wealth of actionable customer and campaign information,” says Cordell Brewer, marketing director at TouchBasePro. “This is valuable information that helps marketers understand how they are connecting and engaging with people. This then enables the tailoring of messaging in order to improve response.”
In addition to the standard click-through, bounce and open data that marketers expect from any e-mail marketing solution, TouchBasePro offers information that provides real insight into how recipients are interacting with e-mail.
The company is one of the few local or global e-mail marketing firms that can offer clients the ability to gather rich, detailed data about where their customers live, which devices clients are using to read marketing e-mails, and other information.
With the TouchBasePro solution, companies can tell whether users were reading e-mails on smartphones, through browser-based services such as Gmail or through mail clients like Outlook. They can use this information to segment their databases. For example, they can send plain text versions of their mails to people who mostly read e-mail on a mobile device and HTML versions with embedded images to PC users.
"You can even target your campaigns based on how recipients responded to previous campaigns,” says Brewer. “For example, you could send a promo code to customers that opened a link to a specific product on your Web page."
Email campaign reporting even provides data about where email recipients are located, right down to suburb level. Marketers can use this information to target future campaigns