LaserCom, the national print bureau, has bought a Xerox CF1300 from Bytes Document Solutions to boost its continuous feed capacity alongside its more than 20 cut-sheet machines.

LaserCom is South Africa’s leading mailroom outsourcing and fulfilment company and part of Bytes Technology Group, wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron.
Digital continuous feed printers are helping companies such as LaserCom capture some segments of the market from traditional offset printers.
They help companies capitalise on the high-speed, high- and low-volume monochrome and colour printing market, they make it easier to produce books, manuals, direct mail and trans-promotional material, and they combine speed, ease of use and workflow productivity into a single device for service bureaux, data centres and commercial print providers.
“The new CF1300 Xerox machine prints 1300 pages per minute, so if you multiply that to eventually arrive at a number per 24 hours it offers us a huge capacity boost and it means that we can turn jobs around for clients that much quicker, which is a really attractive business benefit,” says Mario Pereira, divisional director at LaserCom.
Paul Haglich, marketing and product manager of the production systems group in the Xerox division at Bytes Document Solutions, says: “The Xerox CF1300 definitely offers companies like LaserCom faster turnaround times on their jobs, which is so crucial to a 24×7 environment. It prints fast but also optimises workflows while offering uncompromising reliability.”
LaserCom has grown to become one of South Africa’s largest print and mail bureaux with excellent supplier partnerships formed with recognised experts in their chosen fields, in order to provide the full spectrum of seamless services that add true value to LaserCom service delivery.
PaperGeni, a wholly owned subsidiary, has also grown and expanded with the manufacture of paper tally rolls for ATM machines and retail outlets, and a range of printer cartridges for desktop printers – products that were previously sold through the Office Supplies Division of Bytes Document Solutions. The company has a specially designed new facility in Amalgam in Gauteng.
Availability and uptime are crucial factors to LaserCom. The business employs two full-time engineers onsite to ensure the machines continue printing all day and every day of the year. It gets additional support from Bytes Document Solutions.
The CF1300 offers a number of features. Innovative flash-fusing technology and fine particle toner deliver superb monochrome imaging and flat output sheets. It offers expanded media latitude to include lightweight media, heavyweight media, offset and specialty media that runs reliably through post-processing equipment.
It has comprehensive line screens: 85, 106, 125, 134 and 156lpi, in normal, light and dark variants that are tuned to the print engine to enable unmatched image quality.
It also features Xerox ImageSmooth Technology and a 1200 x 600 dpi RIP. Xerox multiplex technology offers unmatched flexibility and productivity, as it allows for three print engines and their pre- and post-processing devices to be shared in one production configuration.