QlikTech, a leader in Business Discovery – user-driven business intelligence – has announced the availability of its new release of QlikView for the iPad within the month. It delivers an engaging iPad BI experience that provides business users with anywhere, anytime access to live data and analytics.

Unlike first-generation iPad BI apps that only offer prepackaged static reports with limited views, QlikView for iPad allows users to understand what’s happening with their business as it happens. It also offers the flexibility to instantly adapt analyses, data sources and visualisations to meet changing business needs.
“First-generation iPad BI apps turn iPads into ‘dumb pads’,” says Anthony Deighton, QlikTech senior VP, products. “They may have good-looking visuals, but their limited views, predefined paths, pre-canned reports and lack of up-to-date data mean they aren’t always the smartest solutions. QlikView on iPad is a ‘smart pad’ experience that takes complete advantage of QlikView’s core strengths.
"It lets users explore information up, down and sideways, make any associations they choose, and precisely customise so it maps 100% to their individual requirements. Doing all of this in a browser-based form for enterprise security and manageability also makes it built for the future of the tablet, not just its introduction.”
QlikView harnesses the immersive, interactive potential of the iPad. It delivers a touch-driven interface that makes BI as easy to use as any consumer app. Users get all the power of QlikView’s Business Discovery approach with none of the complexity of traditional BI.
It supports all of the familiar iPad gestures and automatically switches from portrait to landscape views as users move the tablet around. And users can define their own views — as few or as many as they want, and as simple or complex as they need. Users aren’t fenced in with just a handful of hardwired views like first-generation, lightweight BI apps.
QlikView grabs and combines data from virtually anywhere, including the most complex ERP, CRM and data warehouse systems, right down to simple Excel and Web-based sources. Then it lets users take and shape that data any way they want.
Users decide how they see and interact with it. Both traditional BI and lightweight BI tools lock users down with static views and static data. QlikView frees them from this limitation, letting them explore their data and answer their business questions from every angle imaginable.
The Business Discovery experience users get on the iPad is the same one they get on the desktop or laptop. It’s a true cross-platform experience that lets users bookmark a page they are working on in one device, move to another and pick up where they left off to be smart and productive wherever they are.
A single QlikView user license can be deployed on premise, in the cloud, or on a laptop or mobile device. This means no additional costs to extend the QlikView application to any mobile device.
QlikView on iPad leverages QlikView’s enterprise-proven server architecture. It gives organisations control at the centre and flexibility at the edges. QlikView on iPad is HTML5-based and delivered through the Safari Web browser.
It provides the easy-to-use touch-based experience users expect, while giving IT enterprise level governance over the app. This is in contrast to traditional native mobile BI apps that pose manageability and security risks because users download and update apps on their own.
In addition, Apple’s recent announcement of their policy clarification requiring Apple iPad app publishers to give Apple a percentage of in-app purchases underscores the advantage of the browser-based approach since functionality is delivered outside of Apple’s proprietary App Store.