MWeb Business has introduced a range of cost-effective hosted virtual server solutions targeting the South African business community.

Bernard Kur, head of product management & development at MWeb Business, says the new Hosted Virtual Server offerings complement MWeb Business’s recently expanded range of high-specification, low-cost hosted server products.
According to Kur, hosted virtual servers are designed for businesses that need the stability and redundancy of a high-end server but don’t have the large budget required for a fully redundant server.
“With a hosted virtual server, they get the redundancy they need at an affordable, easy-to-justify cost,” he explains.
“MWeb Business’s virtual servers offer 99,9%  uptime as they have full hardware redundancy.  If any hardware crashes it automatically and seamlessly fails over to redundant hardware which is already allocated within our Virtual Server environment.”
MWeb Business’s hosted virtual server offerings are also ideal for businesses that need high levels of processing power for only a short period – for example, to cope with a large bill run at the end of the month, or to deal with a promotion that is being run on their web server.
MWeb Business allows customers to “burst” their hardware capacity for short periods of time when required – and only charges them for the additional use rather than for a full server.
It also provides an ideal solution for application testing, all of which can be done in the virtual environment without impacting on the business’s ongoing operations.
Businesses that require scalability as their environment grows will also benefit from the offering as they can select the hardware they require initially – and then scale up at any time with no extended downtime or compatibility issues.
The virtual nature of the solution enables businesses to customise their hardware and amend their server specifications remotely via the MWeb Business MyAccount portal. They can increase the memory, add additional vCPUs, hard drive space and add or remove additional virtual servers, without any extra paperwork or delays.
An additional function built into the offering is a “snapshot” feature, which allows customers to make a copy of the current configuration and data of the virtual server and then implement changes or updates with the knowledge that they can change their configuration and revert back to their environment at the time they took the snap shot. If the changes they have implemented do not work, or if the system crashes, customers can simply revert back to the snapshot.
“Another of the key benefits of our Hosted Virtual Servers is that they can be implemented quickly and effortlessly as there is no physical hardware requirements,” Kur adds.