Oracle has announced the latest release of Oracle Real User Experience Insight, the newest update to Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g’s application performance management capabilities.

This release features industry-first integration between Oracle Real User Experience Insight and the recently announced business transaction management capabilities in Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, allowing businesses to gain deeper insight into both end-user satisfaction and transaction fulfillment.
With the new capabilities, IT and business stakeholders can seamlessly track user interactions across applications – from the time a user initiates a business transaction to the time they finish it – helping them quickly identify and correct issues before they become critical or negatively impact the business.
This release also enables businesses to dramatically lower the impact of performance issues by reducing the key performance indicator (KPI) alert window by 80%, from five minutes to one minute.
The enhancements are an integral part of the Oracle Application Management Suites for Oracle’s Siebel CRM, Oracle’s PeopleSoft Enterprise, the Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, providing unique, application-specific capabilities for achieving faster application rollouts and upgrades.
Oracle Real User Experience Insight enables enterprises to maximise the value of their business-critical applications by delivering insight into end-user experiences. Oracle Real User Experience Insight, 11g Release 1, delivers improved usability through externally viewable dashboards, simplified user session search, easier administration and enhanced enterprise readiness.
Highlights of the release include:
* Unique insight for business transactions – integrates with Oracle Business Transaction Management, linking user experience and the health of the associated transactions. This solution is the first of its kind to enable integrated user monitoring and middleware management.
* Improved performance and availability – allows Oracle Real User Experience Insight components to be setup for active/passive failover situations, centralised management of these component configurations, and increased robustness and performance of large dashboards.
* Support for tracking content delivery network (CDN) traffic – provides reporting on the geographic data of traffic requested by a CDN, used to transparently mirror content to improve regional download times for global sites.
* Increased support for Web services – enables Oracle Real User Experience Insight to better align and correlate business performance data (like product id and product price) with technical performance data (like response times and error situations) by using the full XPath library to identify specific data from Web service calls. This is already available for Web pages running over the http(s) protocol.  
* Better insight into application content messages – establishes individual categories for content messages, business users can receive an overview of the application messages end-users receive, without it impacting the technical report of application errors.
* Enriched data export through SQL – enables users to combine Oracle Real User Experience Insight data with cross channel customer communication.
* Accelerator for Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking and Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking – provides secure, business critical insights into customer experiences of users using one of these FLEXCUBE products.
"User experience and application performance are inseparable," says Richard Sarwal, Oracle senior VP, product development. "With this release of Oracle Real User Experience Insight, we have introduced an industry first by providing our customers with an integrated solution across real user experience monitoring and business transaction management.
"With these capabilities now part of Oracle Enterprise Manager 11g, IT staff can receive alerts within seconds of user experience anomalies, drill down into their transactions and quickly fix the issues. This can significantly reduce IT call volumes, helping IT to deliver more value to the business.”