LG Electronics’ Business Solutions (BS) division has unveiled two new video conferencing solutions (VCS) that break the mould of complicated interactive communications, to deliver a total solution to assist organisations in facilitating video and voice communications on a domestic and global level.

LG’s video conferencing solution IP technologies work together to optimise the video conferencing environment to transmit video and audio that is not only clear and sharp, but also secure.
“In light of the current economic environment, video conferencing solutions offer a cost saving to any business, while helping to preserve the environment, by minimising the need for business travel to attend meetings,” says Mark Ehmke, director of LG Business Solutions South Africa.
“The LG video conferencing solution uses the latest technologies that promise an easy method for vivid conferencing solutions, assisting companies to conduct business globally irrespective of their geographic location.”
With LG’s years of experience in consumer electronics product design, its VCS are built to be smart, reliable and stylish, while addressing the needs of the discerning business user. It offers a simple, intuitive and convenient user interface that allows for easy configuration and hardware installation, eliminating the need for IT professionals to always be at hand.
The VCS can be seamlessly integrated with other LG products, and can be applied across a wide range of industry sectors, maximising customer benefits.
The AVS2400 is a personal desktop VCS consisting of a 24" monitor that provides a 1920×1080 screen aspect resolution that can be also used as a normal monitor when not used for video conferencing purposes. It features a camera that provides a 70 degree viewing angle and is capable of recording in full HD.
The RVF 1000 video conferencing solution is designed to provide mobile video conferencing capabilities for small and medium sized boardrooms. It has broad compatibility with external media devices through an HDMI connection, and software applications further enable users to connect different types of displays like televisions, desktop monitors and projectors.
Bandwidth usage is also reduced as the RVF 1000 requires under 1Mbps for continuous and efficient communication, which means LG VCS can control bandwidth usage automatically depending on network status and data type.
The fast-paced nature of today’s business environment requires that organisations embrace agility and communicate with customers and partners across the globe to ensure that they maintain a competitive edge.  LG’s AVS2400 and RVF1000 VCS use high resolution imaging, high-quality audio features and innovative network technologies to provide an alternative solution to face-to-face meetings, saving companies time and money, while also encouraging eco-friendliness.