NEC Display Solutions has unveiled several new additions to its line of installation projectors with the launch of the PA-series. The PA-series is the first projector family to feature DisplayPort technology, and the projectors are especially designed for fixed installations in large corporate and high educational environments.

Based on 3LCD technology, the PA-series boasts up to WUXGA (1920×1200) resolution and a brightness of between 5,000 and 6,000 ANSI lumens, dependent on model.
Furthermore, with a massive 2x optical zoom on the new lens option and 2000:1 contrast ratio, the entire PA-series offers tremendous picture performance by HQVTM signal processing paired with extended network and multimedia options to allow easy connectivity and low cost of ownership.
Wide horizontal and vertical lens shift, combined with built-in features such as geometric picture correction, 360° free tilt installation and DICOM simulation ensure that users always get the perfect display. Additional features, such as Edge Blending and 3D stacking through support for Infinitec 3D system, also give customers peace of mind that their investment is ready for next generation projection.
With ECO Mode technology, the PA-series projectors' lamp and filter life are extended up to 4,000 hours, and the filter does not need any maintenance until the lamp has reached its end of life. Inorganic LCD panels and optical filters also reduce service cost.
The optional NeCycle cable cover is a worldwide first projector cover made by NEC-developed Bio-Plastic, the first step to a complete environmentally friendly recycling cover.
"Being the world’s first projectors to include certified DisplayPort connectivity – as well as support for 3D and a wide range of wired and wireless networking features – ensures the PA-series not only exceeds the needs of higher education and corporate users, but enhances the user experience with practical and easy-to-use functionality," says Gerd Kaiser, product line manager for large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe.
"The PA-series provides users with everything they need from built-in technologies and management options to energy-saving features and advanced networking capabilities."
Networking features include Windows Network Projector, Windows Remote Desktop, Windows Media Connect function and Office File Viewer, are designed to make wired or wireless connections simple and save installation cost.
As well as DisplayPort support, all the projectors feature a range of display input options, including HDMI, S-video, RGB and RCA connectors, and include NEC’s Projector Viewer function, which allow users to show PowerPoint files, PDF files, images or movies directly from USB memory or via the network without any need for a presentation PC.