Businessmen and women travelling home or to the far corners of the earth with gigabytes of confidential or sensitive company data contained in a flash drive no bigger than a thumb, constitute a serious security concern for businesses.

The consequences can be devastating, particularly when company employees use their own flash drives to store information.
“It is a practice that places companies at very serious risk,” says Andrew Firman, product manager for Kingston Technology at South African IT distributor Platinum Micro.
“To counter this, Kingston has used its deep experience in military grade encryption to develop high-level USB data protection standards that can be applied world-wide.”
Firman adds that Kingston has recently introduced new portable data security solutions that deliver unmatched security control to its already extensive range of USB solutions for businesses.
“Unprotected data on unsecured flash drives is a severe risk for companies and employees, impacting as it does on company reputation, profit and jobs. Secure USB drives are a must have in the wake of serious security breakdowns such as Wikileaks.”
Recent introductions by Kingston include the DataTraveller 4000 (DT 4000) and Data Traveller Vault-Privacy Managed (DTVPM), which offer flexible and cost-effective USB solution options that deliver unmatched security control.
Designed for corporates, the DTVPM provides centralised control of of all USB activity, employing advanced features such as such as password control, device state management, file audit log and field restriction options to control the file types to be saved on the drive.
The DT 4000 is designed for corporate entities requiring high level protection for sensitive information, and is FIPS 140-2 level 2 validated for the entire cryptographic module, including the security processor.