VMware, the global leader in virtualisation and cloud infrastructure, has announced the continued momentum of its data centre virtualisation solutions within small and midsized businesses (SMBs).

According to an October 2010 Gartner survey of midmarket companies, SMBs are adopting virtualisation at a very aggressive pace – by 2012, slightly more than 75% expect to have server virtualisation in wide use, up from 28% of companies adopting the technology in 2009 – with business continuity and disaster recovery representing the largest areas of IT investment for SMBs over the next two years.
As SMBs achieve higher levels of virtualisation, more are continuing to turn to VMware for advanced capabilities such as fault tolerance, data recovery and high availability in order to improve business responsiveness, maximise uptime and simplify IT management. In fact, 88% of Gartner survey respondents indicated they are using some version of VMware.
With the accelerated industry-wide adoption of virtualisation and a broad set of solution sales opportunities for its channel partners, SMB-focused VMware solution providers can continue to leverage VMware vSphere as their lead offering in the SMB segment.
VMware channel partners are a driving force behind the momentum in the SMB segment, with virtualisation packages specifically designed and priced for SMBs driving technology refreshes that typically include servers, storage and services.
Banc ABC decided to launch a retail banking arm within the group. In order to support the rapid expansion plan of new sites and many new systems, it was decided that virtualisation was the route to go.
This decision has reaped many benefits for the group, as the company has not only shortened the time to deploy new systems, but it has also reduced hardware and support costs in the process.
“SMBs face similar IT challenges to large enterprises, and solving these challenges requires innovative technologies. For VMware, SMBs are the largest and fastest growing virtualisation customer segment," says Chris Norton, regional director, VMware Southern Africa.
"Once our SMB customers begin their virtualisation journey, they progress more rapidly than other types of businesses and adopt virtualisation to support a larger percentage of their infrastructure, including the use of the technology for more advanced applications such as business continuity and disaster recovery. SMBs who virtualise IT choose VMware due to its proven technology, advanced functionality and rapid ROI.”
“V-Sphere has assisted the bank to deploy more reliable systems (high availability) and easier to manage infrastructure, whilst reducing the costs associated with server hardware and network infrastructure," says Neville Perry, chief architect, ABC Holdings.
"The cost saving benefits expand into the hosting costs and environmental costs associated with the server footprints and cooling and power consumption benefits of a much reduced infrastructure footprint. As we are a smallish bank, we have managed to reduce our server infrastructure by 75%, and this reduction is evident daily as we launch more systems without necessarily expanding our server infrastructure.”