Acer has unveiled a new corporate identity, which the company says complements the company’s positioning and strategic direction within the broader context of the group’s multibrand strategy helping it to transmit its brand philosophy.

The visual identity of Acer was designed to capture the distinctive energy of the Acer brand and provide a clear indication of what the Acer brand stands for and the direction the company is moving in.
The new logo has a cleaner and smoother font, with light green replacing dark green to give a younger and more active feel.
Graham Braum, country manager: Africa & Levant at Acer, comments: “By anchoring Acer’s visual identity to our in-house digital innovations we expand the value of our brand by offering users far more than just hardware; Acer is now a complete entertainment experience.”
“We have evolved from a small-medium business to a global IT player focused not just on technology, but on innovating around customers and our people.”
The launch of the new corporate identity also coincides with Acer’s silver anniversary.