In December 2009, members of eBucks, First National Bank’s rewards programme, were given the ability to pay for fuel with eBucks, FNB’s virtual currency, at participating Engen service stations around South Africa.

Since then, FNB has enabled eBucks members to fill up on fuel to the value of over R13-million at participating Engen service stations – which is enough fuel to drive almost 20-million kilometres or, more accurately, to make 25 trips to the moon driving an average family sedan.
This is according to Jolande Duvenage, eBucks CEO, who says that with the April holidays just around the corner, eBucks members will be able to drive a little further thanks to fuel purchased with their eBucks.
“For those of us who have planned holidays and will be travelling in and around South Africa in April, the recent petrol and long-distance toll road price increases will make it more expensive to reach our destinations,” Duvenage explains.
“But eBucks members will be able to extend their wallets by filling up using their eBucks, freeing up a bit of extra money that can be put towards shopping, a meal or that special holiday treat,” she adds.
Using an eBucks card to pay for fuel is as simple and safe as any other card transaction. eBucks cards are accepted at participating Engen service stations that have partnered with eBucks, of which there are 670 forecourts nationwide.
Simply fill up, swipe, enter the PIN number and members are practically driving for free, which could make all the difference if they’re on holiday and need to make the most out of every single cent they spend.
“eBucks is the only rewards programme in South Africa to offer members the ability to spend their eBucks on fuel, and spending your eBucks on fuel makes one less grudge purchase to worry about over the holidays,” Duvenage concludes.