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Huawei Symantec, the provider of network security and storage appliance solutions, says its N8500 clustered NAS storage system achieved the industry’s highest results in the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation’s (SPEC) SPECsfs2008 test.

For the NFS and CIFS benchmarks, the N8500 achieved 636 036 and 712 664 Ops/Sec, respectively. This marks the second time that Huawei Symantec has achieved the industry’s best evaluation results, replicating the feat it first achieved in 2009.
SPECsfs2008 is the core version of the SPEC benchmark that measures file server throughput and response time. It provides a standardised method for comparing performances across different vendor platforms. Eighteen major manufacturers of NAS file servers have released results based on the performance of their key products after being evaluated by this benchmark.
Huawei Symantec’s N8500 system is a NAS storage product, targeting the midrange and high-end NAS market. The N8000 series clustered NAS storage system uses a multi-node all-active cluster technology, using all engine nodes in the same cluster.
This allows the storage devices to work concurrently on transaction processing, and enables them to access single files at the same time. In addition, the N8500 system supports as many as 256 namespaces, and each of them is able to include one-billion files.
The N8500 also supports scalability up to 16 engine nodes, providing linear growth in system performance. The SPEC evaluation and the resulting performance scores were achieved using eight engine nodes, meaning that considerable potential has yet to be explored with regard to overall performance.
“The N8500 clustered storage system is a flagship product that boasts high reliability, scalability and availability. We have continually developed this product so that it stays well ahead of the competition, and its performance in these benchmark results affirms the fact that the N8500 system is the best in its field,” says Fan Ruiqi, VP of Huawei Symantec.
“Compared to its main competitors, the N8500 system is able to achieve higher performance standards with lower construction and operation costs.”
SPEC is a non-profit organisation that aims to produce, establish, maintain and endorse a standardised set of performance benchmarks for computers and computer hardware.