The Botswana Public Officers Pension Fund (BPOPF) made the decision to upgrade its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to Sage ERP Accpac 500, effective as from April 2011.

It is a comprehensive, multi-tiered, Web-based business management system that provides optimal access to accounting systems with the purpose of enabling powerful analysis and reporting that is customised to fulfil specific needs.
BPOPF is regarded as Botswana's largest financial fund and was established in 2001. The fund effectively pools the collective savings by citizens of Botswana for investment in appropriate asset classes, which is then managed on behalf of both active and pensioner members of the fund.
Jacob Tuelo Motlhale from BPOPF says their existing system did not offer the transparency the fund required.
“We needed a system that would allow us to perform segmental reporting by drilling down into each of our business segments that provide a current and comprehensive snapshot of each business unit. BPOPF needed a system that would nurture accountability, would optimise account management and eradicate operational bottlenecks,” explains Motlhale.
In some instances, the company simply outgrows its current ERP system when it reaches its functional limitations.
“Any enterprise resource planning system is designed and implemented with a specific scope and functionality in mind. But if the scope and company reference has changed, the existing solution may not be able to cater for emerging requirements such as multi-site financial requirements, planning and multi-divisional consolidations or even foreign currency accounting,” says Keith Fenner, VP of sales at Softline Accpac, part of the Sage Group plc.
The Sage ERP Accpac 500 Edition proved to be the perfect answer, and is designed for medium to large-sized businesses that operate from multiple locations in the global marketplace. It is a highly scalable system that supports global business infrastructures and unlimited users.
Sage ERP Accpac 500 also features a broad selection of accounting functions that include general ledger, accounts payable and receivable as well as project and job costing to mention a few.
Motshubi Sebina, a consultant from Acc Consult in Botswana, says the decision to change systems was not taken lightly.
“We did a thorough analysis of BPOPF’s existing system and suggested the Sage ERP Accpac 500 Edition that is capable of providing all the deliverables that the fund needs from its ERP system. The projected system solution was formulated and presented to the client for their sign-off and approval.  
"The customised solution was then completed and implemented to run alongside the existing system to ensure that there are no complications. The system has gone live at the start of April 2011, and so far it is all systems go,” says Sebina.
“We are looking forward to the enhanced functionality that Sage ERP Accpac 500 will provide to BPOPF. The superior reporting functions will allow the entire company to drill down into each of the business segments that will aid accountability and informed decision-making,” concludes Motlhale.