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(DCC) has introduced HP's new ProBook 4330s and ProBook 4530s Notebook PC series, which both feature a deeply anodised aluminium finish coupled with HP DuraFinish technology that is smudge and wear-resistant.

Apart from its durable good looks, the HP ProBooks are available at an affordable price point; ideal for SMEs interested in investing in technology that will last a while and still offer the latest in security, display and processing advancements.
The ProBook 4530s and 4330s feature 15.6" and 13.3" diagonal anti-glare HD displays and both are packed with great security features, such as pre-boot BIOS authentication and password management enabled by HP's Credential Manager and Drive Encryption. Furthermore, the notebooks feature HP Fingerprint Sensor and Face Recognition, enabling users to log-on easily but securely each time.
"There is no doubt that the ProBook 4530s and ProBook 4330s are on trend with today's business needs – reliable, functionality-rich and secure features are at the top of most lists particularly at a time where customers budgets aren't limitless," comments Deon Botha, HP PSG business unit manager at DCC.
"The aluminium design, smudge and wear resistance also means that users can enjoy a machine that will look good despite external conditions. Whilst piano black glossy design is trendy, it does show fingerprints and other marks easily. A metal finish is definitely the more prudent route to follow to ensure your machine looks professional and clean at all times."
The ProBooks features USB 3.0 connectivity which means  faster transfer and sharing of files between USB 3.0 devices such as external hard drives and memory sticks. The USB 3.0 connection enables users to charge next generation mobile devices, such as the iPad.
The notebooks also include HP's QuickWeb utility which enables users to quickly and securely gain access to the Internet, e-mail, calendar and contacts without booting into the main operating system.
Additional ProBook 4530s and ProBook 4330s features include:
* The new Intel architecture, which features second generation Intel Core i3 and Core i5 processors.
* Connection to high-definition displays with HDMI ports.
* SRS Premium Sound reduces background noise during video conferencing and improves the sound coming from speakers or headphones.
* ArcSoft that enables users to play, edit and create video and audio files.
* Optional Integrated WWAN 2 and HP Connection Manager for easy online connectivity on certain models.
The ProBook 4530s and ProBook 4330s ships standard with a one-year warrantee, which can be extended to a three year next business day onsite warranty for a minimal fee.
The HP ProBook 4530s and 4330s are available for order now at DCC.