Oracle has over 56,000 midsize manufacturing customers globally.To address the specialised needs of midsize and growing manufacturers, Oracle partners worldwide have created Oracle Accelerate solutions across the manufacturing industries.

These complete, open and integrated solutions help midsize manufacturing companies leverage information, reduce complexity and mitigate risk.
Since the launch of Oracle Accelerate, Oracle’s partner-driven approach to help midsize organisations across industries rapidly gain value from Oracle Applications, 110 Oracle PartnerNetwork Partners in 29 countries have created 199 application solutions specifically for manufacturing companies.
With Oracle Accelerate, Oracle partners combine Oracle’s software, rapid implementation tools, and their own services and intellectual property to help organisations quickly implement and adopt enterprise-class applications.
To cost-effectively sustain growth in highly competitive, increasingly global markets, midsize manufacturing companies need enterprise-class solutions that can help streamline and manage their mission-critical business processes.
Oracle Accelerate solutions can significantly reduce the cost, time and complexity of implementation by delivering best-in-class business software tailored to meet manufacturers’ industry- and geography-specific needs.
Oracle Accelerate partners offer solutions leveraging Oracle Applications for supply chain management (SCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), product lifecycle management (PLM), value chain planning and customer relationship management (CRM) to support the needs of companies across 20 manufacturing segments.
“As the manufacturing industry continues to become more global in nature, manufacturers of all sizes are seeking ways to grow, innovate and optimise their supply chains, as well as other business processes,” says Mark Johnson, VP, Oracle Accelerate for midsize companies.
“To help midsize manufacturers continue their rapid growth trajectory, our valued partners have created hundreds of pre-configured solutions that fit the specific needs of the manufacturing industry.”
“We chose the Oracle Accelerate solution for Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne over other ERP applications based on its excellent fit to our business requirements and business model,” says Dinaledi Medical MD, Biks Rama.
“In addition, we were looking for a solution that could be implemented quickly and easily, and one that would offer scalability and a sensible cost of ownership. We are proud to be associated with Alliance ERP Consulting whose consultants have displayed an in-depth understanding of our business requirements, and superior knowledge of Oracle’s JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.”
“By leveraging screen alerts and caller priorities, we expect to reduce our average call time from about four minutes to three minutes and increase customer satisfaction. Oracle Contact On Demand will give us better visibility into staffing levels, average call resolution time, percentage of calls transferred or escalated, and other advanced analytics that Oracle Contact On Demand offers,” says Stuart Cureton, IT administrator, Shimano American Corp.
"AMX International’s quick implementation and training methods will help our two call centres start enabling agents to seamlessly transition between handling inbound and outbound call campaigns, replying to customer e-mails, and communicating via Web chats within a few short weeks timeframe."
“Implementation projects in the midsize space are big challenges. You face similar risks as with your projects at your big customers earlier, but the tolerance for error – financially – is much lower.
"In order to minimise risk you and your customer must have a clear understanding of the scope. Oracle Business Accelerators help not only reduce the implementation time and budget but they can considerably reduce the project risks,” says Attila Neumer, MD, e-Best Consulting.
“Implementing our rapid Oracle Accelerate solution helps deliver quick results thanks to predefined functional scope of the project, its budget and short project duration time,” says Marcin Penczek, managing partner, Hogart Business Systems.
“We are extremely delighted to have partnered with Oracle for the Oracle Accelerate Program for midsize companies. Oracle Accelerate complements our mid-market focus in India and substantially enhances our capabilities to deliver tailored and industry-aligned solutions to enterprises at lower costs, mitigated risks and reduced implementation time,” says Satish Gaonkar, VP of consulting, Blue Star Infotech.
“Our Oracle Accelerate expertise is proving to be a strategic differentiator and value proposition in the marketplace as it is a highly customer-centric approach to deliver business aligned IT solutions.”
"Our deep domain expertise and strong enterprise technology capabilities enable us to offer tailor-made solutions for our industrial manufacturing customers. In doing this we have successfully leveraged Oracle Business Accelerators with pre-packaged rapid implementation tools to reduce time to implement and total cost of ownership for our customers,” says Pawan Sharma, president and head of IES, KPIT Cummins.
“I believe the availability of easy-to-use industry specific application bundles make Oracle Business Accelerators the most preferred solution for industrial manufacturers.”
“With our Oracle Accelerate Solution for Oracle CRM On Demand, we were able to deploy Oracle Contact On Demand for Shimano in a few short weeks. Packaged with industry specific functionality and implementation tools delivering a complete solution rapidly and affordably, AMX’s Oracle Accelerate CRM On Demand Solution will provide companies with a complete low-cost and low-risk application,” states Darin Stoddard, VP of AMX International.
“The solution’s quick implementation and ease of use will help drive high user adoption, quick ROI, and will allow Shimano to easily modify and enhance as their business grows.”