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Scace IT skills are in demand

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South Africa’s dire need for business analysts and software developers is becoming more urgent, according to the CareerJunction’s latest Index findings.

The latest research reveals lucrative salary increases from 1020 to 2011 for these two job descriptions, during a period when wages fluctuated across other IT skills sets with little evidence of increases.
“Wage fluctuations are not unusual during an economic downturn, however a steady growth in salary offerings throughout the year is not the norm,” says Paul Byrne, executive director of CareerJunction.
Business analysis and software development have long been considered scarce skills. However, as the market recovers, demand for these skills is increasing creating a more competitive environment for businesses that are hiring these professionals. Consequently, higher salaries are being offered.
Business analysts enjoyed an increase in salary offerings of 13% over the last 12 months.
Byrne adds: “The willingness for businesses to up their salary offerings for business analysts and software developers is, without a doubt, correlated to the deficit of these skills sets in South Africa.”
He encourages businesses to focus on retaining existing staff that fall into these skills categories and implement the necessary recruitment strategies in order to secure talent.

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    This is complete nonsense. This company does not even follow its own Index wrt salary. Same company offered a leaving member of staff 1500 more when same was offered double what CJ were paying him. Same company has a higher staff turnover than most catering businesses. Same company maliciously sues ex staff. The very company that tries to create a standard salary index doesn’t even pay its own staff what it claims to be standard. Look very closely at this before purchasing. There are better ways to do it.