When it comes to taking a more environmentally aware stance today, it’s important for businesses to remember that every little bit counts, and that initiatives which seem small at the outset can have a big impact in the long run.

And there’s little that drives this point home better than the results from the first six months of a recycling facility local consumables distributor A.C.T. put in place for its staff members last year.
Where most companies would have turned a blind eye to the relatively small average of 100kg of recyclable materials a company would have been able to collect from a workforce the size of A.C.T.’s, the distributor instead decided to see how far it could drive this initiative. The results were astounding.
By doing nothing more than providing a central point where staff members can drop off their recyclable waste, and encouraging employees to "do the right thing", A.C.T. was able to collect over 760kg of waste paper, aluminum cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles and containers of different sizes and description over the last six months of 2010.
“That means, without this programme in place, three quarters of a ton’s waste would have ended up in South Africa’s landfills,” says Jacques Rossouw, manager at the distributor.
But, apart from the positive impact this initiative has had on the environment, Rossouw says there’s no denying the positive impact on the company’s staff members’ attitudes towards recycling and environmental awareness.
“We’ve seen a tangible difference in the choices and decisions our staff members make on a daily basis, and as the initiative continues over the coming years, there’s no doubt it will reap even bigger rewards.
“If one simply extrapolates the volume of recycled goods out over the next six months and the coming year, we as a company will be well on track to collecting and enabling the recycling of over one and a half tons of waste a year,” Rossouw adds.
“So imagine if we could bottle this attitude and export it across all of our peers in the market? I have no doubt that the results would be both impactful and worthwhile. And for this reason, A.C.T. would like to encourage other ICT companies to follow in its footsteps, and get their staff members on the road towards an environmentally aware future.
“As an industry we can do so much, and our doors are always open should one or another company need advice on how to proceed with their own initiatives,” he concludes.