Local IT security specialist Securicom has been granted the thumbs up to distribute and support the innovative Memova range of value-added mobile services and security solutions in South Africa.

This follows the signing of a strategic partnership between Securicom and Round Rock Media, which has the rights to distribute Memova products in Africa. The Memova product line will be packaged and distributed under Securicom’s SecuriMobile brand of mobile managed services.
Memova is developed by Critical Path, a global leader in the value added mobile and Internet services space.
The Memova portfolio includes the super smart MemovaMessaging platform for mobile operators, which allows them to deliver a broad range of value-added messaging, security and back up services to subscribers; a robust mobile anti-spam and anti-virus solution, Memova Anti-Abuse, and a mobile push e-mail, push content application and over the air (OTA) Phone Back Up service, Memova Mobile, which pushes all e-mail services and personalised news, blogs, music, sports and other popular consumer content to run-of-the-mill mobile handsets, turning any handset into BlackBerry or iPhone type services at a fraction of the cost.
These solutions will be delivered as fully-hosted, fully-managed services by Securicom on a subscription basis.
“The mobile space is literally exploding with the rise of smartphones and even smarter applications which have made the handset the pivot for connecting people and accessing Web-based content. People now expect to be able to access e-mail, social networking platforms, news, blogs and music from their phones, just as they do from a computer; perhaps even more so,” says Brett Casey, CEO at Securicom.
"As they subvert traditional means of accessing online content and their expectations of their mobile devices become blurred with their expectations of their desktops, it is impossible for service providers to treat them separately. The same requirements and principals for managing and securing content also apply.
“Through this partnership, we are able to deliver a truly holistic, end-to-end security service to our market while strengthening our advance into the value-added mobile services space."
In terms of the partnership, Dean Christensen, MD of Round Rock Media, will head up mobile business development for Securicom in South Africa while continuing to provide consulting services around the Memova portfolio to telecommunications service providers in the rest of Africa. He is in consultation with a number of the continent’s 178 mobile operators.
“There is massive interest in affordable value-added mobile solutions from mobile service providers in Africa. Our range of innovative, managed mobile solutions allows us to support them in unlocking the massive potential of the mass market by leveraging mobile value added services.
"At the same time, we can lend a hand in extending smart messaging services to the entire mobile phone user base as the Memova VAS services are 100% handset and operating system agnostic,” Christensen says.