The evolution of television in recent years has been astounding as consumers seek technology that enhances their viewing experience, and their lives. In fact, according to IDATE, the 2009 worldwide television market estimated E268,9-billion and the 2010 level was expected to exceed this.

Corrie Labuschagne, product & marketing manager for TVs at Samsung Electronics South Africa: “As pictures got better, so did TVs – better resolution, better sound and better colour. And in this exponentially exploding new world of digital innovation, today, integrating the traditional TV experience with applications and features like 3D, bridges the gap between simply consuming programming and interacting with it. We are seeing that consumers are embracing these new experiences with their TVs and this is driving the market.”
According to IDATE, we are entering a new phase of television usage, characterised by the migration to the Internet.
Labuschagne explains: “We are in the next phase of the evolution, which is set to transform the way people use and interact with their TV. Just as people have become familiar with rich, interactive content via applications on their smartphones, they’ll now be able to access content which is relevant and local to them from the comfort for their own homes. It’s about controlling your entertainment life to suit your tastes, your networking – smartly.”
With smart applications integrated into TV viewing, consumers can watch their favourite programs on TV and in 3D, play their favourite games and surf the Internet using the TV remote control, watch YouTube, and of course, chat with friends and check updates on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
In addition, by using smart hub technology users can easily find movie and music files saved in nearby digital devices such as mobile phones or desktop computers and access them accordingly via AllShare wireless connection.
“Times are changing, experiences are changing and it is only inevitable that TV and the world of entertainment changes with it,” says Labuschagne. “The next evolutionary step in TV will emerge soon and certainly we are excited to discover a new world of web-connected TV entertainment – bring on the smarter TV, bring on the smarter life.”