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Majority of South Africans are job-hunting

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A snap survey shows that a massive 68% of employed South Africans are currently looking for a new job.

While only 13% of the respondents polled via Facebook by Careers24 are satisfied with their current jobs and are not looking at the moment, a significant number are looking for positions with higher pay and better titles.
Salary is a key factor motivating South Africans to look for a change in their employment situation. Many South Africans also cite a lack of promotion as a reason for feeling dissatisfied with their current jobs.
"The Facebook findings highlighted a distinct dissatisfaction among South Africans,” says Tim Gregory, GM of Careers24. “While most employees are constantly looking for better opportunities, few actually manage their careers by proactively updating their CVs.”
The Careers24 survey showed that a further 19 percent of South Africans are happy in their jobs but are open to new opportunities.

  • ambigenius

    Being a south african is g8 bt really challenging coz we hv 2 work 10 times more than othr countries n if u black 2 achieve what u deserve it takes a life time.just wish people who are already at the top could share n think of those who are at the bottom n work together in building a better south africa.job creation start with every1 of us people should take initiative 4 what dey want