Brand New Technologies is pleased to announce it has signed the local agency for signotec, a German based company considered the market and technology leader in the field of electronic signatures via pen-pad or tablet-PC.

signotec offers both hardware and software designed to add an additional layer to document security by providing forensic level signature of electronic documents.
Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature. The use of this technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents.
Digitally signing within the electronic document optimises business processes, avoids media disruption, authenticates the signatory and creates legally compliant documents.
The two flagship products of signotec, the Omega colour pad and the smaller Sigma mobile pad, have secure data transfer between the pad and a PC, and vital characteristics of the signature are captured, eliminating abuse and verifying identity.
The solution has been certified by an independent forensic document examiner, who has confirmed that the signotec products provide far more forensically valuable data about the dynamics of the writing than could ever be determined from the original.
Using the signotec solution, an electronic signature meets the following requirements:
* It is uniquely linked to the signatory.
* It is capable of identifying the signatory.
* It is created using means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control.
* It is linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that any subsequent change of the data is detectable.
“As specialists in the identity management solutions, the signature pads and tablets offered by signotec fit perfectly with our product set and we are very excited about marketing them in the South Africa environment," says Charles Laxton, CEO of Brand New.