Marketing automation is a concept that is rapidly growing around the world, but has yet to take off in South Africa due to the high costs involved.

Available applications allow marketers to track, manage and report on their activities and campaigns – not only campaigns relating to customers or prospects, which is often included as part of a CRM package, but all campaigns and activities ranging from advertising and public relations to events and collateral, with the ability to measure return on investment at the click of a button.
Deborah Wynne, MD of RockPull Sales & Solutions, says: “The reason for the slow adoption to marketing automation in South Africa is probably due to the high costs associated with application roll-out.”
To address this concern, RockPull has developed a software as a service (SaaS) marketing application called MPULL in South Africa. Established a year ago, MPULL already has several clients actively using the service.
“As with most SaaS applications, clients are only charged for what they use, there is a nominal monthly user license fee, and there are no contracts required," says Wynne.
MPULL can be deployed on demand, with no need for hardware purchases or IT projects. Marketing departments can sign up and immediately benefit from the value propositions associated with a marketing automation system.
Adds Wynne: “The value propositions realised by a business using marketing automation are extensive, the most common though are effective use of resources, controlling costs and increasing collaboration within a marketing team."
With a marketing automation system such as MPULL, organisations can more effectively manage resources, whether those resources are people, corporate gifts or budgets.
“When it comes to collaboration, teams are easily able to see what colleagues are working on and contribute or refer to past campaign's or activities of a similar nature. Many organisations find deploying a marketing automation system more cost effective than retaining additional marketers required to conduct the same work.”
RockPull is offering organisations a free 30 day trial of MPULL.
"Marketing managers are often apprehensive in adopting a marketing automation system as all activities are measured and tracked; this should be seen as a way of improving campaigns rather than a means of monitoring performance,” says Wynne.
“Additionally, MPULL is built using social media type interface, so any user should easily be able to navigate and use the application with minimal or no training.”