EMC Corporation, the world leader in information infrastructure solutions, has announced EMC Avamar 6.0 de-duplication backup software.

This major new release provides the first integration with EMC Data Domain de-duplication storage systems, and delivers powerful new capabilities for the protection of VMware environments.  
By combining the simplicity and efficiency of Avamar with the scale and performance of Data Domain, enterprise customers gain the flexibility to expand Avamar use into much larger production environments.
The largest of enterprises can now leverage Avamar to design highly optimised and scalable recovery infrastructures, consolidate the management of their data protection processes and direct selected backups to optimal systems based on workload attributes.
In addition, Data Domain’s inherent ability to support multiple workloads simultaneously can help users transition from legacy backup software and address nearline storage requirements.
For VMware administrators, Avamar 6.0 significantly increases speed and efficiency leveraging the latest advances in vSphere technology for up to three times the backup speed of its nearest competitor.
Integration of Avamar and Data Domain is delivered via EMC Data Domain Boost software, now embedded in Avamar clients on a per-policy basis. DD Boost allows Avamar to centrally manage backup, recovery and replication of data to Data Domain storage systems.
DD Boost distributes de-duplication load differently from Avamar’s standard de-duplication and provides enhanced performance for larger streaming loads, such as full database backups or restores, while still minimising client/server bandwidth.
Avamar administrators now have the option of directing backups to either Data Domain systems or Avamar data stores based on application-specific best practice guidelines. Avamar 6.0 supports backup of Oracle, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL Server and VMware images to Data Domain systems.
Full leverage of the VMware vStorage APIs for Data Protection and tight integration with VMware vCenter allows Avamar 6.0 to provide industry-leading speed and simplicity at scale:
* Changed block tracking support provides faster backup AND recovery.
* Virtual proxy server pooling drives much faster backups.
* Flexible image level restore options simplify recovery.
Increased scalability is delivered through the introduction of the Avamar Data Store Gen 4, which more than doubles usable capacity to 124Tb. In addition, multiple Data Domain systems (including the new DD890, supporting up to 285Tb of usable capacity) can be added to offer additional storage for selected workloads.
Houston, Texas-based Loomis is a multi-billion dollar international cash handling leader whose US operations include approximately 8,000 employees and a fleet of over 3,000 armoured vehicles. Over the past year, Loomis completely redesigned its backup infrastructure using EMC Avamar, Data Domain and NetWorker products.
The new infrastructure, which includes tapeless backup and replication of data from nearly 70 field offices using Avamar, has streamlined their backup processes, reduced operational costs and helped ensure exceptional recovery of their VMware virtual server environment.
“Our EMC data protection system is light years ahead of our previous solution, yet we are still very excited about the integration of EMC’s Avamar and Data Domain products," says Bill Homes, director of infrastructure for Loomis.
"Avamar and Data Domain integration presents us with more flexibility to decide how we want to assign workloads and evolve and optimise our infrastructure without concern over future capacity and performance limitations. It’s great to see EMC integrating these key backup products, and doing so in a way that allows customers to maximise the investments they’ve made.”
“As more organisations are deploying virtualisation there exists a real and pressing need to implement a better backup methodology enabling the deployment of virtualised production applications. Avamar 6.0 and its integration with Data Domain systems via DD Boost software brings an entirely new level of scale and flexibility," says David A. Chapa, senior analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group.
"With this latest release of Avamar, EMC has raised the bar across the industry through innovation and integration for solutions protecting virtualised infrastructures.”
“Virtual machine protection is emerging as a key consideration for users contemplating backup redesign. Avamar 6.0 addresses this consideration more effectively than any other product available, while integration with Data Domain systems broadens its application in the enterprise," says BJ Jenkins, president, EMC Backup Recovery Systems Division.
"EMC continues to integrate its data protection portfolio for the benefit of its customers. This latest announcement demonstrates the value associated with tight integration of backup software and de-duplication storage systems.”
“Avamar 6.0 delivers unprecedented capabilities through the use of both source and target side deduplication. This unique offering enables organisations to accelerate the adoption of deduplication to achieve simpler and more cost effective data protection across the entire enterprise," says Sumash Singh, business unit manager: Backup Recovery Systems, EMC Southern Africa.
"The South African IT market is gathering momentum in adopting virtualisation as it enables more efficient use of critical resources. Avamar 6.0 delivers the ultimate solution to address any virtual backup requirement."