Fujitsu has announced the new CELSIUS W510, a powerful all-around workstation with the first cold plug access. Combining leading edge graphics performance with a convenient new chassis, Fujitsu’s new CELSIUS workstation delivers best-in-class performance, low noise emissions and superior serviceability.

The first of its kind, Fujitsu’s innovative cold plug access at the front of the workstation provides access to hard disk drives without opening the chassis. This means that an additional hard disk drive can be added easily, increasing possible storage capacity – an important benefit for professionals working with large files, such as those for digital content creation or movie production.
In addition, the cold plug access makes it easy to remove the hard disk drive at the end of a workday for security reasons. Alternatively, the cold plug access can be used for a second hard disk drive for local backup, and to reduce downtime with quick and easy hard disk drive replacement when necessary.
Another benefit of the new chassis design is that the CELSIUS W510 has the best-in-class noise emissions, thanks to optimised thermal management and silent fans. For companies that have a room full of workstations, this means a more silent and productive work environment.
Fujitsu’s CELSIUS W510 provides high productivity from its superior performance, with the fastest available processors including high performance, multi-core 2nd Generation Intel Core and quad-core Intel Xeon processor, graphics cards and hard disk drives.
The CELSIUS W510 is ISV certified, guaranteeing that professional applications run smoothly and reliably, and assuring easy integration into existing IT environments.
“For professionals in engineering, digital content creation, financial services, cartography, architecture and many others who need high performance, the new CELSIUS W510 is designed to boost productivity in obvious as well as more subtle ways," says Ross Olver, portfolio manager for business clients at Fujitsu.
"For workers who struggle to hear themselves think over the hum of a workstation, or companies who are slowed by downtimes, the new design of the CELSIUS W510 addresses these issues while providing a more powerful machine for intensive computing tasks.”