Kaseya, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, has expanded the financial capabilities and organisational visibility of the Kaseya IT Automation platform with the introduction of two new modules – Service Billing 1.0 and Service Desk 1.3.

With the Kaseya Service Billing solution, service providers can now automate the entire billing process from one central portal to increase profitability, maximise cash flow and gain a complete view of their business operations.
The enhanced Kaseya Service Desk solution is integrated with the Kaseya Service Billing (KSB) module, and allows technicians to track billable time against open tickets and work orders. Service Desk also delivers increased performance, improved organisational visibility and greater ease of use to help streamline ticket entry through remediation.
With the introduction of the KSB module, administrators gain a 360-degree view of managed assets to see a variety of organisational and customer details to help them manage their business.
For example, administrators now have the ability to establish unique billing sets for specific asset types, such as workstations, to make sure that each asset has a service rate in order to be automatically counted in each billing cycle.
Furthermore, KSB delivers a flexible and dynamic billing engine with its ability to leverage asset information from the core systems management platform to eliminate the worry of duplicate entry or missed revenue.
“Today Kaseya is delivering the financial capabilities and organisational visibility in a fully integrated platform,” says Garth Hayward, regional manager Africa at Kaseya.
“By leveraging the automation capabilities within Kaseya, managed service providers can establish consistent and repeatable services across the entire platform through KSB to ensure service level agreements have been met while growing profitability and cash flow.”
Small business customers that are using Intuit’s QuickBooks online or QuickBooks desktop for their financial accounting needs can benefit from a real-time integration with KSB. Customers can generate invoices from Service Billing, which flows in real-time into QuickBooks for receipt processing in addition to generating required tax and financial statements.
Kaseya Service Desk 1.3 module incorporates new organisational, contact visibility and workflow features to benefit technicians or multiple technician scenarios. New features include:
* Session timer integration – added to ticket entry for utilisation and billing purposes across open tickets and work orders.
* Create task list for open tickets with technician assignments.
* Ticket entry enhancements – this includes: simplified customer lookup with complete visibility of organisation details, fields, groups and departments; streamlined notes capture and visibility; and machine Quick-View access with complete inventory and history, with the option to run defined remediation routines with a single click.