News around the Royal Wedding has instantly become a very fruitful topic for cybercriminals and all kinds of cybercrime activity, warns Kaspersky Lab.

Dmitry Bestuzhev, an expert at Kaspersky Lab, comments: “The infection scheme is quite simple. Cybercriminals are using the hype around this occasion to drive malicious code. We have identified that users are falling victim to cybercrime activity when searching for pictures with the topic ‘Royal Wedding’.”
When users click on certain links with a Google reference, a special malicious script redirects them to a malicious .cc domain with a classic Fake AV window.
Bestuzhev adds: “Another kind of attack via a special exploit which allows cybercriminals to steal users passwords has also been identified and it is being spread via .co domains.”
In addition, scams related to a fake Satellite TV whereby users can pay to view the wedding online are resulting in credit card details being stolen once the payment is accepted. “Additionally we are seeing spam infiltrating the Twitter platform infecting users with junk content,” says Bestuzhev.
Kaspersky Lab recommends that Internet users should use the latest patched browser with a plugin like NoScript, and that users do not click on any unknown links, and keep their anti-virus and Internet security updated, with realtime protection working.