CBE Group (CBE) has placed significant focus on building the analytical infrastructure and resources required to help them achieve their mission to define the future of debt collection.

Needing to exceed the needs of clients, and drive superior results from a data rich environment, CBE meet an increased demand for their services.
CBE will use software from SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, to provide analytic tools that drive performance on behalf of its clients.
“SAS will help CBE capitalise and manage the wealth of real-time and historical data to create an information-rich environment to set the standard for debt collection through the development and delivery of innovative solutions for our current and future clients,” says Chad Benson, senior VP of operations at CBE.
“SAS can process large amounts of data and offer flexible data manipulation – both of which help solve critical business and decision making needs across our company. As our analytics team has grown to more than 20 analysts strong, our ability to efficiently analyse data and perform more complex analyses makes SAS the perfect fit.”
CBE will be using SAS Analytics Pro and SAS Enterprise Miner to develop proprietary scoring models, segmentation strategies, work treatments and reporting models specific to each industry it serves to deliver enhanced collection strategies and best-in-class collection performance.
With the help of SAS Analytics, CBE clients will benefit from the development of account-level decisions and treatment strategies leading to improved collection outcomes.
"Upgrading our infrastructure with SAS will further benefit our clients as we move into real-time decision making and begin using advanced predictive analytics capabilities, like neural networks, to drive our collection efforts into the future," says Benson.
"Also, upgrading to SAS Analytics Pro and SAS Enterprise Miner will provide immediate time savings for our analyst community with powerful computation tools. By delving into large amounts of data, creating unique models and increasing our understanding of business and relationship drivers, we will produce greater value for our clients and a solid return for CBE."
SAS Analytics Pro provides all of the functionality needed to access, manipulate, analyse and present information. Because it works on the desktop, IT does not have to provide resource-intensive support.
SAS Enterprise Miner streamlines the data mining process to create accurate, predictive and descriptive models based on analysis of vast amounts of data from across the enterprise. It offers a rich, easy-to-use set of integrated capabilities for creating and sharing insights that can be used to drive better decisions.
The solution also includes SAS Rapid Predictive Modeller, which enables business analysts and subject-matter experts, with basic statistical skills, to automatically generate predictive models for common business scenarios and act on them quickly, and effectively make better business decisions.