Citrix Systems has announced NetScaler SDX, a groundbreaking new virtualised networking platform designed from the ground up to serve as the “front door” for virtual data centres and clouds.

With the new NetScaler SDX platform, customers can now run numerous virtualised NetScaler instances on a single purpose-built physical appliance, with full multi-service, multi-tenant support.
This innovative new architecture helps customers move from traditional application delivery to far richer “service delivery” required by the adoption of cloud computing, and growing user demand for new services delivered to a wide range of consumer devices.
Enterprises around the world are rapidly adopting cloud-based services to satisfy business demands for greater IT agility, and user demand for greater service and device choice.
To address this transformation, IT is shifting from the narrow delivery of traditional enterprise applications to a broader delivery model that encompasses a myriad of new services, such as virtual desktops, data, collaboration, voice and video – originating from both private and public clouds, and delivered over a wide array of networks.
In this emerging new model, IT no longer “buys and builds” all their apps and infrastructure, but rather “aggregates and orchestrates” a growing variety of local and cloud-based services.
The new NetScaler SDX platform creates a “service delivery fabric” that ensures all these apps and services are delivered with the best performance, security and reliability, regardless of whether they are running in the local data centre, or in an external cloud.
As a result, IT teams can now offer networking services that make off-premise clouds behave as a natural extension of the enterprise network, while providing broader and deeper control over how enterprise, consumer and cloud-based services impact the network.
NetScaler SDX is the latest addition to a growing family of NetScaler platforms designed to fit the needs of customers of all sizes and business requirements.
Customers looking for a powerful solution for traditional application networking, for example, can choose the popular NetScaler MPX hardware appliance product line, which powers most of the world’s largest enterprises and Web sites – as well as thousands of small to midsized companies.
Customers who want all the power of a NetScaler in a flexible software form factor can chose the NetScaler VPX virtual appliance. And now, for the first time ever, enterprises and cloud providers who want to deliver a far wider range of apps and services in a single, multi-tenant platform, can choose the new NetScaler SDX.
NetScaler instances running on the new NetScaler SDX can also be knit together with NetScaler MPX and VPX systems running in other data centres, transparently connecting the disparate networks of enterprise data centres, with public and private clouds.