Subscribers of MegaFon can now enjoy crystal clear voice call quality and an enhanced overall communications experience. The operator now provides high definition voice services on its Moscow and Sochi GSM and UMTS networks.

As the key supplier of core and access networks to MegaFon, Nokia Siemens Networks was responsible for the HD voice implementation, which is also a world first for a commercial GSM network.
“The main advantage of HD voice communication is the impression of a live, emotional talk between people. HD voice users can forget about ‘robotic voice’: they will hear their relatives, loved ones, friends or business partners exactly like in a live talk – with all nuances, hues and tones of speech,” says Igor Akulinin, first deputy director of MegaFon-Moscow.
“For MegaFon, the HD voice project is another example of implementing innovative services which open up new, previously unavailable opportunities for our subscribers.”
“Russia is a highly competitive market environment, making the introduction of new features and services a must to remain profitable and maintain leadership,” adds Alexey Podryabinnikov, head of the MegaFon team at Nokia Siemens Networks.
“MegaFon has always differentiated itself from the competition, and the introduction of HD voice is another step in this direction. HD voice highlights our relentless search for innovations to improve the customer experience and complements our work on smarter GSM networks.”
Nokia Siemens Networks’ HD voice is based on Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide Band (AMR-WB) technology that provides service continuation between GSM and UMTS networks, and supports Megafon’s networks.