QlikTech, a leader in business discovery – user-driven business intelligence (BI) – and Deloitte, one of the leading firms in business-, management- and technology consulting, have signed a strategic alliance.

The agreement consists of a framework which provides all global Deloitte member firms with the opportunity to form local collaborations with QlikTech.
The alliance, which began in the Netherlands, is expected to expand to other countries around the world.
The BI and analytics services of Deloitte member firms cover over 10,000 specialists worldwide. Member firms participating within the framework will elaborate on their existing knowledge and experience with the QlikView platform, training more consultants to become certified QlikView developers.
Through this strategic alliance, Deloitte is responding to the demand for user-friendly solutions that show the value of information to its best advantage.
“The alliance between Deloitte and QlikTech helps us to apply QlikTech’s technological innovation for fast, visual and easy to use analytics to our client’s varied business issues,” says Patrick Schunck, partner at Deloitte Consulting BV.
"This allows us to further improve our existing solutions, and puts us on the forefront when it comes to new developments. Our customers are reaping the benefits of us working more closely with QlikTech to get them to the insights they need in the most smart and efficient way for their organisation or industry.”
Within Deloitte, QlikView is deployed to quickly develop applications that analyse customer problems. Deloitte has a long successful track record advising companies and organisations in the areas of data analytics and BI.
The alliance with QlikView offers Deloitte member firms the opportunity to even better service its customers in areas like working capital reduction, spend management, supply chain optimisation and sales performance management.
“QlikView’s analytical power provides our customers with the ability to analyse large amounts of data in a flexible, user-friendly manner,” says Stefan van Duin, director of BI and analytics at Deloitte Consulting BV. “The usability of QlikView embodies our mission: bring business intelligence back to business.”
“The alliance with Deloitte is an important expansion of our international network,” says Peter McQuade, VP of global alliances at QlikTech.
“The vision of QlikTech and Deloitte align closely. We are both motivated to provide business intelligence for the user through business discovery. Deloitte’s deep knowledge about its clients’ businesses, their underlying systems and QlikView offers the possibility to make fast, smart deployments to deliver analysis to the edges of an organisation.”