ProScan Media Products (PMP), a leading provider of labelling, coding and marking solutions to the southern African market, introduces the latest Matthews I-Mark C84e continuous inkjet printer with touchscreen control, which is designed for fast and effortless operation in a multitude of applications.

The new I-Mark C84e codes and marks intricate barcodes, expiration dates, logos and a wide range of other products, regardless of shape or texture. It allows for easy set-up and has a single control automatic shutdown.  
An added benefit of the new Matthews C84e inkjet coder is the self-cleaning printhead that protects the internal electronics and has an easy-to-use refill system, preventing spillage and mess. The printer also comes with an automatic flash function that ensures that the printhead is thoroughly cleaned and powered.
The cost effective Matthews I-Mark C84e printer has a 10,4" wide colour touchscreen interface with Windows-based environment and features a full onscreen diagnostic which automatically monitors print quality, temperature, drop speed and ink pressure settings.
Other features of the high performance printer include a wide selection of print topographies, easy message creation and up to four lines of print at a printing speed of approximately 320 metres per minute.
ProScan distributes a range of inkjet printers for high resolution, large character marking and coding of primary and secondary packages, as well as porous and non-porous surfaces.
These inkjet printers form part of ProScan's inline labelling, coding and marking solutions, which include inkjet printers, print 'n' apply applicators and label applicators.