Local IT specialist Roan Systems has added ImageWarehouse to its offerings, with a scanning and document management solution designed to streamline the administration process by storing and organising documentation.

“This is of particular importance for companies with complex accounting systems,” says Frikkie Koegelenberg, MD of Roan Systems. “In industries where payment cannot be processed without client details, order numbers, pro formas and proof of purchase, ImageWarehouse can be essential to ensure cash flow.”
By creating an array of digital filing cabinets to store relevant documentation and assign it to specific orders or projects, account departments are able to collate information at the push of a button and forward it with invoices upon completion of a project.
“This is a smart, straightforward system to help you store everything without the need for space or additional manpower,” says Koegelenberg.
ImageWarehouse’s functionality includes scan and index to capture documents, search and view to find past documents and view them, distribution for e-mailing/printing/faxing of documents as well as administration for setting up and managing the system and security.
The system has a simple user interface and is easy to implement where needed. Additional features include PDF and MS office support, integration to accounting or other software, export modules, barcode reading from different images, OCR as well as forms recognition.