Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has introduced Huawei Symantec's latest offering, the Oceanspace S5000T-Series, a family of disk storage systems tailored for medium-sized enterprises.

For data centre managers, the S5000T-Series systems stand-out by maximising storage consolidation with the highest capacity per controller, by automating performance tuning with migration of data to the optimum storage tier and by reducing energy usage with aggressive power management.
For channel partners looking to fill the void left by the consolidation of traditional storage vendors, the high-value T-Series storage is their new wingman.
"High-availability, high-performance and a broad suite of software, which a few years ago were found only in high-end disk arrays, are expected today in mid-range systems," says Jane Li, GM of North America, Huawei Symantec. "Storage partners will find the feature-rich T-Series is well-suited for data centre environments."
"The T-Series offers superb performance with the kind of power, speed and agility currently unequalled in today's market – perfect for the SME environment," says Raul Del Fabbro, storage division manager at DCC.  "Our resellers now have additional choice with this offering, providing their end-user customers with a high-end storage solution at an SME price point."
The Oceanspace T-Series is a family of SAN systems pre-packaged with the power, speed and agility needed in core data centre storage applications including storage consolidation and remote replication for disaster recovery.
The series is:
* Powerful – a fully redundant T-Series system can support well over 1,000 disk drives for massive storage consolidation. T-Series systems support connectivity to the fastest SANs on the planet: 8Gb Fibre Channel and 10Gb iSCSI. Smart Cache technology inside each T-Series system tunes the performance of the system by automatically migrating data to the SAS/SATA HDD, FC HDD, or SSD tier that will provide the optimum balance of performance and cost.
* Flexible – modular T-Series hardware allows scalability one building block at a time. Admin-defined energy saving policies control auto disk sleep, fan speed tuning and even CPU speed tuning. In addition, a broad suite of software gives data centre administrators the agility to deploy a variety of storage applications, such as remote replication for disaster recovery, with a single license.
* Easy – GUI based integrate storage management software suite with rich feature sets.
The T-Series family of storage systems includes four models:
* Oceanspace S5500T – up to 288 SSDs / SAS, or SATA HDDs.
* Oceanspace S5600T – up to 1,576 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs.
* Oceanspace S5800T – up to 1,152 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs.
* Oceanspace S6800T – up to 1,440 SSDs / SAS, SATA or FC HDDs.