IT infrastructure and support specialist, Executive Solutions, celebrated its third year as a Mimecast partner, sealing this milestone with a major contract with leading legal firm, Eversheds.

This implementation was so successful that Eversheds’s IT manager declared the decision to use Mimecast through Executive Solutions as “one of the best IT decisions I have made at Eversheds”.
The race to expand offerings through cloud-based services has become critical to infrastructure and support companies. Partners are looking for comprehensive solutions that do not require massive changes to business processes or investments in to the infrastructure.
Richard Levine, MD at Executive Solutions, says, “The IT infrastructure and support business is highly competitive and in the end the only true differentiator is service delivery. To be successful we need to deliver a better service more consistently than anyone else. Mimecast has assisted us in doing so.”
E-mail is a critical tool, which average technology users interact with most often. “E-mail issues constitute a large proportion of our support calls, creating an unnecessary load on our service desk. As e-mail has grown in importance, messaging systems have evolved, been upgraded and added to.
"The result can be extremely complex architectures where the risk of downtime is not so much a possibility but a certainty. In all cases where Mimecast has been implemented, we have seen a 30-50% reduction in e-mail-related support calls, which means happier customers, which translates into better service delivery from us.”
Mimecast solves three essential e-mail problems – security, continuity and archiving – but the experience for the average user is deceptively straightforward.
“All they know is that they are always able to send and receive e-mail, regardless of what is happening on their Exchange server. More importantly, they know that they will never lose an e-mail again,” says Levine.
“Executive Solutions is an excellent example of a partner that has integrated the Mimecast offering into its basket of services to offer true value to clients,” says Grant Hodgkinson, business development director at Mimecast.
“The focus on partnership and a no-nonsense approach of problem solving means that client accounts are run well with no finger pointing or excuses – just reliable delivery.”