New sales of SAS Customer Intelligence were up 68% globally in 2010 as SAS helped more than 3,000 marketing executives drive profitable growth. Momentum continues in 2011 as marketers around the world use SAS to find profitable growth opportunities, take action and maximise cross-business impact.

"SAS is in a unique position to help deliver the highest return on marketing investment through our customer analytics capabilities," says John Bastone, global product marketing manager for SAS Customer Intelligence solutions.
"We help marketers execute campaigns flawlessly using predictive analytics to instantly adapt to customer interactions, making adjustments in real time, with one integrated platform for inbound and outbound marketing."
Recent SAS Customer Intelligence wins include 1&1 Internet (Germany), Chico's FAS (US), Colruyt (Belgium), Erste Bank (Hungary), GS Sports (Korea), The Ice Organisation (UK), Magyar Telekom (Hungary), Telefonica 02 (Germany), Vistaprint (Netherlands) and Winn-Dixie (US).
"Magyar Telekom wants to maintain its leading position in the increasingly competitive market by precisely identifying subscriber needs and providing personalised offers and efficient communication to customers," says Judit Éberling, deputy director for CRM and BI at Magyar Telekom.
"In a project covering T-Home and T-Mobile customers, Magyar Telekom is replacing its old software with an integrated analytics and campaign management environment supported by SAS."
"Erste Bank decided to deploy SAS Campaign Management because it enables us to optimise the link between our products and specific target groups. This way, our offers reach customers through the right communications channels and with the right timing," says Imre Sztanó, deputy CEO of Erste Bank in charge of the bank's retail division.
SAS Customer Intelligence provides a powerful combination of all-inclusive data integration, sophisticated analytical tools and purpose-driven marketing solutions to create and run dynamic programs consistently across every channel. This month an updated version of SAS Customer Intelligence will be launched.
The latest version of SAS Customer Intelligence includes enhanced integration with campaign planning and optimisation, new utilities to improve the efficiency of campaign planning, and further improvements in the integration between online and offline analytics.
With updated online analytics offerings, marketing organisations can now synchronise activities across all marketing communications channels – customer transactions, store or branch office interactions, online shopping navigation, call centre conversations, and mobile marketing message responses – faster and with greater precision.
This leads to reduced costs to act and a higher return on marketing investment while improving customer experience and sentiment. This release demonstrates SAS's commitment to its global user community of marketers who are being asked to create a greater number of profitable marketing campaigns in a time of flat staffing growth.
In support of that mission, SAS announced in February 2011 its acquisition of Assetlink, a pioneer in marketing resource management. This addition gives SAS the most comprehensive integrated marketing management platform in the industry, tying the people, processes and technologies together to plan, create and optimise marketing programmes.
The integration of SAS with Assetlink is a boon to customers already using SAS in the marketing department. Assetlink brings needed workflow management across multiple channels to help marketers avoid potential bottlenecks. With Assetlink, SAS helps manage and optimise marketing operations through more efficient asset management, increased measurement capabilities and improved financial reporting.
To better help marketers deal with the explosion of social media conversations, SAS will debut SAS Conversation Centre in 2011 to help companies better engage with customers via Twitter.
SAS Conversation Centre will focus on helping companies capture, categorise, analyse and route Tweets in real time to assist in the identification of those most relevant and urgent that warrant a response.
These Tweets are then assigned to a work order, routed to customer-facing personnel to respond, and tracked with the same rigor as issues flowing through the call centre.
SAS Conversation Centre is a new module of SAS Social Media Analytics, which was released in April 2010. The solution is an integrated part of the SAS Customer Intelligence suite, unifying social media conversation history and analysis with the customer contact history of inbound and outbound messages across other channels.
This enables companies to develop a multichannel view of the customer, which is critical to ensuring a consistent customer experience.