Plessey International is planning to invest a significant amount of cash and other resources in telecommunications cables designed to boost Africa’s bandwidth – and has announced plans to invest in both long-haul and metropolitan fibre optic cables.

Plessey International’s sales director Rick Rogers says two major factors that will drive the broadband market in Africa are inter-connections to the network of undersea cables circling Africa, and the growing dominance of the mobile Internet.
Rogers says fibre optic networks were a crucial part of these developments, and Plessey was determined to play an active role in these important efforts to the grow Africa’s Internet market.
Plessey has been active in rolling out fibre optics in South Africa for many years, and recently committed resources and investments to extend its role in fibre networks being laid throughout the continent.
“Plessey International, which has subsidiaries in 10 African countries, is well positioned to build on its current fibre network deployment to play a significant role in the new wave of infrastructure that is sweeping Africa,” says Plessey Group COO Howard Earley.
Plessey is the telecommunications infrastructure delivery arm of Dimension Data.