Samsung Electronics has outlined its regional strategy and 2011 product portfolio at the second annual Africa Regional Forum in Nairobi, Kenya.

Innovations in Internet-connected TVs, consumer-inspired digital cameras and the latest mobile technology, combined with plans for developing Samsung’s regional market presence, were laid out in the context of Samsung’s unifying principle – Built for Africa.
In 2010 Samsung achieved a remarkable 31% growth rate in revenue for its Africa operations ($1,2- billion), contributing to the company’s US$135.8 billion in global revenues – the most successful in Samsung’s history. In line with this, Samsung extended its business footprint from 15 countries in 2009 to 42 in 2010, its distributors from 32 to 80 as well as increasing their service centres from 18 in 2009 to 36 in 2010 respectively.
Through the Samsung Blue Project, the company intends to be worth $10-billion in the region by 2015, growing the market to the size of China’s – and it intends to more than double its 2010 growth to 63% in 2011. The workforce is expected to reach 5 000 people by 2015.
Samsung also aim to develop the local industry further by establishing additional knock-down plants, along the lines of those already set up in Sudan, South Africa, Nigeria, Ethiopia and Senegal.
Another key area for the Samsung brand in Africa is by creating differentiated customer experiences and service levels through brand stores. There are currently about 200 brand-stores, 100 shop in shops, 100 mobile plazas and 10 IT solutions centres in Africa.