CA Technologies has recently launched a new version of the CA Service Catalog product that integrates with the CA Virtual Automation solution to enable automatic provisioning of physical, virtual and cloud services. This is now available from CA Southern Africa.

“While virtualisation, whether on internal networks or into the cloud, remains a major demand, customers still face the challenge of provisioning the services that run in these environments,” says Andrea Lodolo, chief technology officer at CA Southern Africa.
“CA Service Catalog provides a single point of contact that makes service management much easier for all types of virtualisation, from network to private or hybrid cloud solutions.”
Customers can use the new CA Service Catalog 12.6 to enable private and hybrid cloud provisioning, service automation, user self-service, IT costing/financial management and provisioning of role-based security.
CA Service Catalog fully supports moving existing services to a private cloud from an existing IT environment, thus enabling the transition toward a dynamic and virtualised solution.
“By defining, publishing and providing financial insight into the usage of the services in business terms, CA Service Catalog 12.6 can transform an IT organisation into a strategic business partner,” adds Lodolo.
“CA Service Catalog is the first to integrate all the required steps of service delivery: definition, automation, performance and financial management. By doing so, IT can now provide the business with the transparency to make informed decisions about how to derive maximum value from investments in physical, virtual and cloud environments.”
CA Service Catalog 12.6 adds a number of new capabilities, including: automated provisioning of resources across physical, virtual and cloud environments through integration with CA Virtual Automation; integration with CA Oblicore Guarantee which allows service level contracts to become part of the service definition, aligning service delivery and fulfilment with expectations; and enhanced agility is realised through smartphone and policy-based approvals to help support a mobile workforce.
New request options enable policy-driven requests and improved lifecycle management, enabling easier configuration of business requirements.
CA Service Catalog 12.6 is available now for Microsoft Windows Server, with Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database support.
“This new release provides the answers for some of the most familiar challenges that administrators face when managing services in virtual and cloud networks,” says Lodolo. “It also provides key reporting of financial aspects of services in use, so that customers can unlock real savings and true value for the business.”