HP Networking, London – HP's channel partners will play a key role as the company looks to unseat its biggest rival and take the number one slot in the networking arena.

Farhad Ghoreishi, business development manager at HP Networking EMEA, says the company will look to further strengthen its traditional channel as it moves forward with its Converged Infrastructure strategy and aims for domination in the sector.
"Traditionally, ProCurve and 3Com have always had a great track record with their channel partners and they have been instrumental in delivering our services to market," Ghoreishi says. "This is something we intend building on and we have a full range of certifications that will help rapidly migrate new partners from the likes of Cisco.
"These guys will have access to selling our services and they will also be able to deliver their own services around these," he says. "It is between them and HP as to where and how we develop that model.
"Our partners are as important today as they've always been," he adds. "We've probably got the most successful channel in the industry and we want to nurture these relationships."
Ghoreishi says that the channel, as well as the market, is starting to realise that HP is serious about its networking strategy and that many are being converted from their competitors.
"We're definitely having a lot of success," he says. "We'd like it to happen a lot faster, obviously, and I think it will once people see the results of our investment. Questions are being asked and we have many ways to prove that we have a better offering than our competitors for both customers and partners. We have proof of concepts all round EMEA that show the full interoperability and advantages of our solutions and we're confident that this will accelarate our success.
"For us it's about the customer – we're not just there to go after Cisco," Ghoreishi adds. "We're there to tell the customer about the benefits of Converged Infrastructure and that it's a strategy that is delivering tangible solutions. You just need to apply some logic to the networking side.
"We can no longer think of the data centre or the cloud simply as a collection of servers and storage," he says. "It is that, but that's not the network. The network is the fabric linking it all together and it needs to evolve – and it is."