HP has announced the availability of HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Healthcare and HP Exstream for Healthcare Providers, new solutions designed to transform patient experience and significantly reduce readmission rates.

Seven of the top 10 healthcare companies are HP Imaging and Printing (IPG) solutions customers, and the announcements reflect the company’s commitment to building on this sector leadership. Details of the new solutions include:
* HP Distributed Workflow Solution for Healthcare, in conjunction with Hyland Software, streamlines and automates paper-based processes to ensure accurate document capture and provide immediate access to those assets across an organisation.
* HP Exstream for Healthcare Providers enables providers to reduce hospital readmissions with personalised, easy-to-understand patient communications. Delivered in the patient’s preferred language, delivery channel and format, these clear, customised communications can help reduce readmission.
Speaking at eHealth Week, Laurie Eldridge-Shanaman, market development consultant, WW healthcare solutions and managed enterprise solutions at HP IPG, explains that with many health care facilities still relying on paper-based records, Distributed Workflow allows them to scan, auto-index and feed them right into the electronic medical record.
“Based on the hospital employee’s credentials, clinical documents can be scanned directly into appropriate workflows.  Critical patient data needed to make more informed decisions at the point of care, as well as data needed to speed revenue cycle, is automatically distributed and available once captured.
"This technology is effective in both distributed scanning workflows as well as centralised batch scanning covering lab reports, X-rays, CT scans and arthroscopic images to create a complete 'longitudinal' health record,” says Eldridge-Shanaman.
The new Exstream solution is a platform that delivers customised communications to patients when they're discharged, including medication instructions and schedules for rehabilitation. Exstream can transfer data from a hospital's back-end databases and produce discharge documents and follow-up communications.
Patients can choose the language and delivery model, including reminders through a secure Web portal, SMS, e-mail or voice mail. Discharge documents produced by Exstream can include a medication schedule, as well as information on side effects, the healing process, a follow-up appointment schedule and contact information for health practitioners.
“Across the globe, the healthcare industry is laser focused on implementing procedures and technology that will reduce avoidable re-admissions. The problem continues to be ineffective and incomplete communication at discharge, and other transitions between care facilities, leaving patients and their follow-on caregivers at risk for adverse events as a result of missed follow-on appointments or misunderstood medication schedules.
"HP Exstream Solution for Healthcare Providers directly addresses this issue by enabling/automating personalised discharge communications, appointment reminders and continuum of care plans to be delivered in the preferred format (print, e-mail, patient portal, smartphone, and so on) and in the preferred language of the patient," adds Eldridge-Shanaman.