MWeb is offering WTFast software as part of its online gaming service, in a move that it expects to improve the gaming experience for South African users.

“MWeb has made a significant investment in the South African online gaming arena,” says Nathier Kasu, head of MWeb’s digital division. “We are already proving to be at the forefront of online gaming through our partnerships with where we successfully launched the highly anticipated COD: Black Ops as well as a further 53 additional top gaming titles. We have also deployed Steam Servers in both our Cape Town and Johannesburg data centres.”
The WTFast software will complement both the partnership with as well as the deployment of the Steam Servers by ensuring a world-class gaming experience. WTFast streamlines game data to international game servers such as World of Warcraft, Aion and Rift, improving latency by ensuring that the fastest and most reliable path is used when data is sent to the game server – this will greatly improve one’s responsiveness in the game.
“Simply put, when you usually play the game, your data is often going down slow side streets and alleyways. The WTFast software allows your data to be on a fast freeway with no speed limits right to the game servers,” explains Kasu.  
Faster response time is valuable to online gamers making a huge difference in games that allow “fast twitch” situations where you need to attack someone before they go into hiding, deliver a killer blow or interrupt a spell. WTFast will essentially reduce latency, reduce disconnections, reduce lag spikes and improve the overall gaming performance in multiplayer gaming situations.  
“For MWeb, our goal is to bring the very best in online gaming. Offering WTFast is another value added service offered to our customers where they will be able to experience the gaming world like their international counterparts,” says Kasu.