Microsoft SharePoint services and .NET development partner, Relate Technologies, has acquired customer relationship management (CRM) company Global Vision’s resources and client base for its Microsoft Dynamics CRM solutions.

The acquisition allows Relate Technologies and its customers to take advantage of the increased integration between the latest versions of Microsoft’s CRM, document management and collaboration offerings, in particular using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and SharePoint 2010 product suites.
Microsoft has a clear strategy in driving this kind of integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, where it aims to provide “the ability to link contextual SharePoint document libraries with CRM entities, enabling business users to manage customer information and content in a single user experience”.
Relate Technologies can now help clients increase the functionality and return on investment in their Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint solutions to support more effective CRM initiatives.
One of Relate Technologies’ existing clients is financial services institution Sanlam Investment Management, which has already made use of Microsoft CRM and SharePoint’s integration to improve service to its clients.
“By combining SharePoint and CRM, we can now access both the clients’ details, portfolio information and contact history along with all of their associated documentation, such as mandates and agreements, via a single interface. This integration provides us with one view of the client for different departments and processes to access,” explains project manager, Jonel Kritzinger.
“This seamless integration between Microsoft CRM and SharePoint is as significant as Microsoft CRM’s seamless integration with Outlook in helping clients achieve a single view of customers to improve service and productivity,” says Ray Meiring, MD of Relate Technologies.
“Ultimately, the ability to access and update client documentation via the CRM interface will improve a company’s response time to client queries, and also improve the accuracy of information they rely on to make smart business decisions.”
Some of the key CRM clients that are able to take advantage of this move are Masthead Distribution Services, Propell Levy Finance, Rabie Property Group, Cadiz, Baedex Financial Group and Wesgro.
Microsoft officially launched Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Online in 40 markets and 41 languages in January 2011.
The company released the on-premise, or server, version in February 2011. This is the first time the company has released an online, or “cloud”, version of their product before the server version.