Westcon Security – Biodata will be bringing local customers the recently unveiled SonicWALL WAN Acceleration Appliance (WXA) Series, an extension of the current SonicWALL next-generation firewall (NGFW) suite.

The SonicWALL WXA Series consists of the WXA 5000 virtual appliance, the WXA 2000 and WXA 4000 hardware appliances and the WXA 500 Live CD. The new series significantly improves WAN (wide area network) performance between regional and branch offices, reduces traffic by up to 95% and offers users faster access to mission-critical applications, resulting in increased employee productivity.
The range of products will allow businesses of any size to select the right solution for their network.
To simplify the deployment of WAN acceleration, the WXA Series attaches directly to SonicWALL’s Network Security Appliance (NSA) and TZ Series appliances for seamless integration, without requiring any reconfiguration of the network. SonicOS, SonicWALL’s firmware, automatically detects, provisions and manages the WXA solution.
“Through the combination of application intelligence and WAN optimisation in a single solution users will be able to take advantage of immediate speed and bandwidth improvements in their network,” says Jan De Lange, MD of Westcon Security – Biodata.
“This combination of technologies also ensures that unwanted applications are eliminated from the network, while mission critical applications are allocated increased bandwidth.”
According to De Lange, the WAN optimisation realised from using the SonicWALL solutions enables the overall reduction of traffic over WAN links, traffic is then also scanned for intrusions and malware threats with SonicWALL’s Reassembly-Free Deep Packet Inspection engine for improved security.
Additionally, since the solution is integrated with IPsec and SSL virtual private networking (VPN) features, it eliminates the problems associated with WAN Acceleration of encrypted traffic by auto creating the routing and policy logic for remote and branch offices.
With the WXA Series, application acceleration is achieved through the de-duplication of transmitted data using SonicWALL's advanced proprietary byte caching technology, as well as TCP protocol optimisation and data compression.
Further, for Wide area file services (WFS), the WXA Series provides intelligent local file caching and CIFS protocol optimisation that enables acceleration of remote file servers that then saves time and network resources.
“The growth in data being transferred across company networks continues to grow and is a trend that is not going to change, which makes it critical for businesses to ensure that their network infrastructures keep up with these increased volumes,” states De Lange.
“We believe that companies that make use of the WXA Series appliance, in conjunction with a SonicWALL NGFW solution, will be able to greatly reduce expenditure and eliminate the need for unnecessary network upgrades while benefitting from superior security and tightly integrated network management.”
The WXA Series works in conjunction with SonicWALL’s DPI scanning technology and application intelligence and control to speed up the network and better identify bandwidth wastage. This in turn gives IT managers granular control over network data while analysing every byte of every packet of their network traffic.
Ultimately, the WSA range ensures businesses can control non-business applications while not compromising on security and still benefitting from WAN Acceleration.