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SAP’s popular All-in-One solution continues to power a number of local popular brands and midsize companies. Dis-Chem is one of the recent brands that have implemented the SAP All-in-One and has since seen the company grow its business by additional 20 stores.

“SAP’s All-in-One solution enables companies like ours to have customised processes that help with day to day running of our businesses from warehouse to store,” says Dis-Chem director, Stan Goetsch.
“We initially started using All-in-One two years ago because we needed a solution that would help us manage our rapid growth, particularly from a stock taking perspective. It is the ideal solution for businesses that are growing at a rapid pace and need reliable, robust systems to manage this growth and stay on top of the game.”
UCS was the implementation partner and their “ReadytoRETAIL” All-In-One solution was used as the accelerator.
All-in-One is designed to meet the needs of midsize companies looking to adapt to new challenges and embrace the modern way of doing business. It is comprehensive and can offer a single configurable solution to manage everything from financials, human resources, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, logistics, product development, corporate services, to customer service, sales and marketing.
According to SAP’s Roberta Carello, ecosystem and channel manager, the rationale behind the software solution is simple.
“One size and one delivery model does not fit all types of businesses. All-in-One is ideal because our partners and customers are able to customise it to fit their specific requirements. This is very important, particularly for small and medium sized businesses that are experiencing rapid growth.
"All-in-One brings industry best practice to midsize, yet complex businesses like Dis-Chem. To us, this is another example of how SAP solution and strategy has turned Dis-Chem into a best run business.”