SMC Networks has confirmed the release and availability of the SMCWPBR-3G wireless portable router. The product is available to the local market via SMC Networks South Africa.

The solution is designed to offer high-speed wireless connectivity via USB modem dongles to 3G or 4G networks from a stand-alone access point.
It also enables the user to connect up to eight devices via WiFi, and offers data transfer rates of 7.2Mbps (download) and 5.76Mbps (upload).
“In practice this means the user can link up to the Internet and also use a range of peripheral devices, anything from an iPad to smartphones to game consoles and laptops,” says Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa.
According to Luff, one of the more common concerns for users of mobile network solutions is that of the strength of battery life and reception.
“This solution features a rotational built-in antenna for improved broadcast reception and also offers six-to-eight hours of battery life, with one hundred hours on standby mode and four hours non-stop usage guaranteed,” he says.
Another traditional issue with mobile and wireless infrastructure has been the level of performance with all-encompassing or "all-in-one" solutions. Without the correct components and technology in place, these solutions cannot effectively run so many applications at the same time.
“The advantage of this solution is that it offers connectivity through a variety of channels, including WiFi. This ensures that it has the capacity to enable the user to run numerous applications simultaneously, which then means that multi-media files can be transferred between devices,” says Luff. “It is possible to transfer encrypted data files between devices, for example.
“Whereas many alternative brands do not support 4G connectivity, this solution incorporates this capability. This is significant in terms of the sustainability and longevity of the investment,” Luff continues.
“This is a powerful mobile solution that is built with components that ensure performance and also has features that offer up practicality and reliability for mobile professionals."
SMC Networks is targeting the mobile user market, with a view to enhancing the experience and empowering the user.
The SMCWPBR-3G is also compatible with a number of operating systems including Windows7, Vista, Linux and Mac and no drivers are required for installation.