Black empowered provider of high performing and secure ICT solutions, Datacentrix, has bolstered its security expertise, integrating new employees accomplished in specialised security environments, such as data loss prevention, security management and network access control (NAC), into its Security Solutions business unit, following a skills incorporation with information security company Infocure.

According to Datacentrix CEO, Ahmed Mahomed, this skills acquisition shows that the company is making good on its intentions to increase its focus on the security space for the year ahead.
“We saw satisfactory growth within the security business competency over the 2010 financial year, and have committed to grow our skills set further in order to meet the requirements of our clients,” he states.
“This forms part of our overall strategy of continuing to grow our total solutions portfolio.”
New business unit manager at Datacentrix, Carel van Vuuren, explains that, with the new skills on board, the Security Solutions business unit is able to focus on providing a comprehensive security solution which will include managed security services, data loss prevention, end-point security, perimeter defence, content filtration and compliance.
“Essentially, we are well equipped to assist organisations in protecting and managing their most valuable asset – their information,” he explains.
The Security Solutions business unit also incorporates Datacentrix’ eDNA (electronic DNA) electronic fraud management system, jointly developed with online security specialist, LAWtrust.
eDNA enables companies to have a single consistent approach to strong access and application security, and transaction level accountability across the organisation and its platforms, allowing it to protect financial systems, personnel and payroll, procurement and other line of business applications that can be customised to suit organisational audit and evidence trails, and context sensitive non-repudiation requirements.
Furthermore, the business unit is in the process of completing its new Security Operations Centre (SOC), that will be up and running in the next few months.
“One of our differentiators will be access to dedicated, qualified specialists 24 hours a day, as well as the superior technology underpinning the centre, ensuring effective data protection and security managed services. This type of centralised, outsourced security management will greatly assist companies in complying with legislations such as the Protection of Personal Information Act,” concludes Van Vuuren.